We focus our experience in business units whose members are proven specialists in their fields. 

Our Practice Areas


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Banking & Finance

Complexity and time pressure are among the greatest challenges in financial transactions. We are your reliable partner in Banking and Finance.


Commercial and Corporate Criminal Law

Wrong decisions regarding corporate governance and compliance can have serious consequences for the representatives of companies’ executive bodies. Every company, therefore, needs an organisational structure and risk management to prevent misconduct by corporate bodies in the best possible way.


Corporate Governance & Compliance

New digital technologies can be both opportunities and risks for companies. In the digitalised economy, the protection and security of data, as well as compliance with legal and regulatory provisions and internal guidelines, are central aspects of efficiently handling liability.


Corporate Law and M&A

Entrepreneurial activity often begins with a brilliant idea and sometimes leads to a complex private equity scenario. We support you in all phases of the entrepreneurial life cycle with our full-service strategy and legal know-how.


Data Protection

New digital technologies can present both opportunities and risks for companies. In the digitalized economy, the protection and security of data are central aspects of efficient liability management.


IP, IT & Telecom

Digital change is a major challenge in terms of protecting intellectual property. Only those who ensure that their innovation is protected right from the start will be economically successful in the long term.


Labour Law

In the business world, every participant is confronted with questions of employment law, whether in the drafting of employment contracts, employment law litigation or auditing in the course of a transaction.


Litigation and Arbitration

Representing our clients’ interests before courts and arbitration tribunals has always been one of HSP’s core competencies. We keep a cool head in heated situations and manage conflict situations to the greatest possible benefit of our clients.


Private Clients and Foundations

Structuring and securing assets for future generations requires careful and far-sighted planning. In this case, the consideration of aspects of inheritance and tax law is just as relevant as a trustworthy advisor who is prepared to assume long-term responsibility.


Public Law

No field of law is as comprehensive and diverse as public law. The specialists at HSP have a profound expertise and many years of experience in selected areas of public law pertinent to our clients' business.


Real Estate

Every building needs a solid legal foundation before a foundation stone can actually be laid. HSP provides the legal foundation, and advises and accompanies you during development, due diligence reviews and transaction processing.


Residency and Immigration to Austria

Temporary or permanent settlement in Austria is connected to numerous legal issues ranging from the type of residency, to the possibilities of employment, to the validity and recognition of foreign qualifications.