Mag. Markus Busta



1996-2000 Studies of Law at the University of Vienna, graduation as year`s best

2004 Bar Exam (Vienna Bar Association)

Work Experience

1983-1986 Furrier-Apprenticeship at Kupa OHG (general partnership)

1986-2003 Assistant of Management at J. Moser Pelz und Leder Einzelhandel, since 1998 sole owner of the company

2000-2001 Law Clerk with the Superior Court of Appeals in Vienna

2001-2002 Associate with Hochegger & Kajaba, Attorneys at Law, Vienna

2002-2005 Associate with Onz Onz Kraemmer Hüttler, Attorneys at Law, Vienna

2005-2006 Associate with HSP

since 2006 Attorney at Law at HSP

Markus Busta