As part of our all-in-one compliance solution, we take care of the entire process of planning and implementing customised corporate governance and compliance management systems in your company. We provide our expert knowledge when reviewing existing corporate governance and compliance management systems. Finally, we have developped our own whistleblower system, WHISPER, which we would be very happy to introduce you to.

In recent years, demonstrable adherence to the relevant legal framework has become an indispensable part of corporate culture under the umbrella term "compliance" It represents an indispensable component of responsible corporate governance. As the demands placed on companies are becoming ever more stringent and codes of conduct and laws are becoming increasingly unmanageable, it is becoming more and more difficult to manage a company in a compliant manner. A compliance management system that is individually tailored to the respective company makes a significant contribution to preventing far-reaching economic, administrative and even criminal consequences of violations. It helps minimising the risk of the company’s liability and its management. In addition, it is effective in dealing with compliance violations in the manner required by law. We cover all relevant topics, from ESG reporting, quality management, code of conduct and speak-up policy to supply chain law and anti-money laundering and sanctions.


Our service includes: 

  1. Risk assessment: risk analysis and risk estimation 

In terms of compliance, it is essential to know the "red flags". As a starting point, we carry out a comprehensive risk analysis to take stock and evaluate the need to take action in your company. We take this as a basis to develop an action plan aimed at preventing the respective risks. 


  1. Review of existing compliance management systems 

If a compliance management system has already been implemented in your company, our experts will carry out a comprehensive review and advise you on how to optimise the system. 


  1. Development and integration of a compliance management system 

We offer you practical advice on setting up a compliance management system tailored to your company. We support you whilst implementing preventive organisational measures, such as internal task allocations and processing procedures tailored to your company. 


  1. Creation of company guidelines

Taking into account the respective circumstances of your company, our experts create internal company guidelines that primarily serve to prevent rule violations. These guidelines translate the legal and regulatory requirements into behavioural instructions for employees. We cover all relevant topics, from ESG reporting, quality management, code of conduct and speak-up policy to supply chain law and anti-money laundering and sanctions.


  1. Setting up internal reporting channels

The EU Whistleblower Directive requires companies with 50 or more employees to implement an internal reporting system. We will be happy to review your current whistleblowing platform to ensure it complies with the law. With WHISPER, we also offer a specially developed whistleblowing tool that fulfils all legal requirements, promotes the company's internal speak-up culture, and is particularly user-friendly.


  1. Compliance training

We offer training courses (online or on-site) to strengthen the theoretical understanding and practical importance of compliance management systems. We want to help your staff understand company guidelines and to familiarise themselves with how the reporting system works. These training sessions are tailored to your business’ operational requirements and increase the effectiveness of your compliance solution. 


  1. Anti-money laundering, prevention of terrorist financing, sanctions 

Our experts support and advise you in assessing your vulnerability to money laundering activities, terrorist financing and sanctions violations. They show you how to identify any affected customers. We prepare KYC and AML reports for banks and companies on the basis of documents obtained using the latest search tools. We also carry out evaluations of compliance systems to determine whether they meet the current legal requirements. We help you implement solutions for your company to ensure that you always comply with the latest legal provisions. 

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