Representing our clients’ interests before courts and arbitration tribunals has always been one of HSP’s core competencies. We keep a cool head in heated situations and manage conflict situations to the greatest possible benefit of our clients.

With decades of know-how in conflict resolution, HSP’s team is led by experienced trial lawyers. We strive for a successful conflict resolution in the interests of our clients through extrajudicial negotiations. If a pre-litigation settlement of a dispute is not possible, HSP represents clients nationally and internationally in court and arbitration proceedings. Our top priority is to protect the interests of our clients in the best possible way, while continuously assessing the risks, opportunities and costs.


We conduct both active and passive litigation in a wide range of legal areas, in particular in the field of tort law, warranty law, insurance law, rental disputes and the assertion of trade receivables (debt collection).


We also support you in the enforcement of your rights in the course of execution proceedings, by obtaining or defending temporary injunctions, enforcing legal claims by way of execution, and protecting you against unjustified executions.



Claims under the Product Liability Act;


Labour and social law claims before the labour and social courts and authorities


Corporate law disputes


Claims under tenancy and residential property law


Claims for damages and warranty claims


Disputes related to construction and real estate


Insurance claims (major losses, professional liability, other liability)