No field of law is as comprehensive and diverse as public law. The specialists at have a profound expertise and many years of experience in selected areas of public law pertinent to our clients' business. offers competent advice on all questions of constitutional and administrative law in connection with public building and regional planning law. We support you in the course of project development, and in the areas of environmental and commercial plant law.

In the area of environmental law, advises and represents clients in connection with the development and construction of large-scale facility projects, as well as in EIA legal issues. The scope of's activities extends to clients in the fields of real estate development, industry, infrastructure (construction of motorways and airports) as well as the development of locations for shopping centers, hotels, and commercial enterprises. 


In these areas, as well as in spatial planning matters of land use and zoning, advises and represents both companies and private individuals, as well as local authorities, thereby ensuring that the experts at have comprehensive expertise from various perspectives.


Every project development is preceded by a thorough due diligence examination. In the context of acquisition audits, the experts at assess projects from a public law perspective, thus laying the foundation for successful project development.


Building law


Building permit procedures


Soil and groundwater contamination, remediation


Commercial plant engineering law


Regional planning law (zoning and development planning)


Telecommunications law


Environmental law & conservation law


Proceedings before the administrative courts


Administrative criminal proceedings